Fact, Inference and Opinion post

The differences between a fact, an inference and opinion are distinct. A fact is something that is irrefutable and stands as truth no matter how many times it’s looked at. An example of a fact would be if I said: “the sun is really bright.”

An inference is something that while not as iron-clad as a fact could be reasonably assumed based on what you have seen or heard. If you see someone going to the pool wearing a pair of swim trunks and goggles, you could reasonably infer they’re about to swim.

An opinion is something that you hold as a belief. While parts of your opinion may be based in fact, you use that base to come to your own conclusion. An example of an opinion would be the battle between people who call that oh-so-Jersey meat delicacy Taylor Ham (The correct name obviously) or Pork Roll.


FACT: Bitzer, Albano head list of election winners for 2017-18 SGA board

INFERENCE: Sleep elusive for busy Rowan students, but grades may suffer as a result

OPINION: Kass: Immigration ban will put us on the wrong side of history


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